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So, you have made the decision to go with automotive refinancing to get a better deal and to save money on your monthly outgoings. Now, you want to know what is in store for you as you apply for refinancing, and go through the process of trying to get the best deal that you can.

You will have no difficulty in finding a lender who is willing to offer automotive refinancing; it will actually be more difficult to choose between them. Credit Unions are one way to go about vehicle refinancing, but there are many types of financial corporation’s offering refinancing packages.

You would first of all need to find out how much you owe, in total, on your existing car loan, because that will be your minimum borrowing amount with a new lender. You would need to contact your existing lender to find out what this amount is. [...]

Is automotive refinancing right for me?

You may find vehicle refinancing useful if you are looking to save money on your monthly outgoings, and the interest rate offered on the new load is lower than the pre-existing loan. It can also be a good idea if your credit score is better than when you took out your first loan. It can free up some cash for household expenses, or enable you to buy your vehicle outright if the lease on it runs out soon, as long as you have kept to all of the lease terms and conditions.

What if my credit score has deteriorated since my last loan?

It might still be possible to get a deal that saves you money, check by using a calculator tool and by comparing the deals available from companies who will consider a lower credit score.

How long does it take to apply [...]

Automotive refinancing is the process of taking out a new loan for your car, to pay off the original loan you had. In this way, it is a little like remortgaging a house. The difference is that it is a much easier process to refinance based on your car loan, than it is on your mortgage. There is not the same requirement for intense scrutiny into your financial details, or a long checking process to see if you can qualify. The way to think of it is in a similar way to if you were to change your energy provider, in order to take advantage of a monthly saving on your bill. You will still owe the repayments on a car loan, with interest to pay, but you may be able to get slightly better terms than you already have, allowing you to save on your outgoings. If you want to buy your vehicle outright, [...]

If you have decided to look into your options when it comes to automotive refinancing, then it is a good idea to assess your situation to see if making this move towards a new loan, to pay off your existing vehicle loan, is going to bring you much of a benefit. There are circumstances in which it makes sense to apply for refinancing on your vehicle, and it very much depends on a combination of factors as to how much benefit you would receive for taking this decision.

You should firstly check whether interest rates have fallen since you took out your original loan and if this is the case, and then you may well save on your monthly outgoings by refinancing. For instance, at this point in time, if your current finance arrangement is paid back with more than 6% interest, you could save money by refinancing.

It may be that your [...]

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